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Secure by design

When you rent your biggest asset to strangers you want to know that everything is running smoothly.

That is why yabonza Keys has been designed with security at its core. We don’t compromise on security, down to every detail.

Key Anonymity

yabonza Keys, its staff and its partner locations will never ask you to disclose your property’s exact address. Every key in our system has an identical NFC fob so your keys remain anonymous at all times.

Single-use codes

All of our collection codes are valid only once. Unlike mechanical lockboxes, the person collecting the keys cannot access them again after depositing them.

Get notified at every Move

You are immediately notified every time your keys are collected or deposited. You can also view all past movements of each key from your dashboard.

Secure payment processing

We use PCIDSS-compliant payment processor Stripe for encrypting and processing card payments. We don’t hold any payment information.

Vetted locations

Our locations are vetted and their staff trained to ensure your keys are properly handled & stored. We provide all infrastructure including key safes, mobile terminals and key tags.

NFC key fobs

We attach our custom-branded NFC key fob to every keyset in order to track it. The information inside the fob is encrypted so that only yabonza Keys terminals can link it to your account. Our fobs are made of hard ABS which is resistant to water and dust and will withstand any impact.

Safe storage

yabonza Keys are held inside a key-protected safe behind a counter which is staffed at all times. Our locations are carefully vetted to ensure your keys are safe and your guests have the best experience.

End-to-end encryption

Each fob is encrypted so that it can only be read by our mobile terminal in our locations. No sensitive account information is ever transmitted via the mobile terminal.