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Frequently Asked Questions for our Key Exchange Stores

About yabonza Keys

What is yabonza Keys?

yabonza Keys Stores are local shops that provide a smart key exchange service that allows customers to securely store keys so that someone else can collect them later.

Is yabonza Keys right for me?

yabonza Keys is ideal for anyone who wants to securely give access to a property, such as:

  • Airbnb hosts sharing keys with guests / cleaners
  • Short-term rental companies sharing keys with guests / cleaners / greeters / maintenance
  • Real estate agents sharing keys with contractors / staff
  • Busy Australians sharing keys with their cleaners / friends / contractors
Is yabonza Keys secure?

yabonza Keys stores

How do I drop-off my keys?

After you add a key in the “My Keys” section online, you will receive a 6-digit drop-off code. At your preferred yabonza Keys store, the staff will scan the yabonza Keys fob and securely store your keys in our safe ready for guest collection.

How does my guest collect the keys?

You will need to generate a unique 6-digit collection code from the ‘My Keys’ section which you forward to your guest. When your guest arrives at the yabonza Keys store, they will be asked for this code from the staff. The staff member will enter the code your guest provides into the yabonza Keys app to check what key it is associated with and give it to your guest.

How will I know if my guest has collected a key?

At your chosen yabonza Keys store, the staff will attach a yabonza Keys fob to your key so that you will receive an automated email as soon as your key is collected or dropped off by a guest.

How does my guest return the keys?

All your guest needs to do is visit the yabonza Keys store where they picked up the key and hand it back to a staff member. They will scan the yabonza Keys fob and securely store your key in our safe so that it’s ready for the next guest collection.

What should I do if my guest is arriving late?


What if there is no yabonza Keys Store near my property or in my city?
What should I do if I lose or damage my yabonza Keys fob?

Please call 1300 829 064 and we will give you the appropriate instructions.